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September 30, 2009


mark cheng

hi i like your site and your mindset. i stumbled upon your site after googling "filmmaking sucks" or some related term. This is great stuff and i am doing similar work myself. keep going bro! when the dust settles, check out my site from a couple years ago: www.iMustMakeThisFilm.com. i've decided to jump back in for another film. glad to know there's company out there!

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In-World War
Mary in front of a green screen
Junior looking into the phone
Tix at the Griefers Ball

Current status

  • Post-production action items (updated 10/3/21):
    - Finish first round of stop motion VFX.
    - Recruit more 2D traditional animators.
    - Plan the last pick-up shots.

About the film

  • In-World War, a smart and offbeat indie sci-fi feature, tells the futuristic story of a debt-ridden and depressed beta tester trapped in a buggy virtual reality simulation of the "war on terror".

    This site chronicles the making of the film, which is written and directed by Brant Smith (aka DJ Bad Vegan), who also produced the award-winning narrative feature Quality of Life.

    Contact: badvegan [at] studiolomismo [dot] com

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