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May 08, 2013



I've been diy-ing a sci fi short for the past year or so and am in post production; dealing with similar xml issues. A pain indeed! The whole process certainly takes a lot of time especially since I and most of our crew have a day jobs to support our "real" job. How do you fund your diy projects? Do you get grants or have sponsors? I'd love to be able to put all my energies into this and upcoming endeavors!

Bad Vegan

I'm in the same boat. I try to fit it in during nights and weekends. Funding comes from friends/family crowdsourcing-style but mostly donations of time from awesome supportive people who are totally into our project. Break a leg!

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In-World War
Mary in front of a green screen
Junior looking into the phone
Tix at the Griefers Ball

Current status

  • Post-production action items (updated 10/3/21):
    - Finish first round of stop motion VFX.
    - Recruit more 2D traditional animators.
    - Plan the last pick-up shots.

About the film

  • In-World War, a smart and offbeat indie sci-fi feature, tells the futuristic story of a debt-ridden and depressed beta tester trapped in a buggy virtual reality simulation of the "war on terror".

    This site chronicles the making of the film, which is written and directed by Brant Smith (aka DJ Bad Vegan), who also produced the award-winning narrative feature Quality of Life.

    Contact: badvegan [at] studiolomismo [dot] com

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